Monthly Archives: July 2011

Welcome to the End

Welcome my friends to The End.  The end of the dollar.  The end of lifetime employment.  The end of society.  Maybe The End of America? 


I hear it all the time from friends and family.  It can’t happen here.  They wont let another depression happen.  They wont default on the national debt.  They wont let hyperinflation happen.  Not here.  Not in America.  


These are the same people that told me over the years…

Gold will never reach $500 an oz your better off buying a home or investing in stocks. 


The housing market can go only up, housing has never gone done on a national level.  Better buy now before prices rise even more!


The Euro will never be more valuable than the Dollar!  It will take decades before it even approaches the value of the Dollar!


We will never have to worry about having ID or internal Passports just to travel in America.


Well it seems a lot of stuff that will NEVER happen just keeps happening. 

Are you ready for something else that people keep saying will never happen?  Are you ready for the Collapse of the USA? 

I love this country, but I am not loving on the government. I will have a lot more to say on that later. 

If you want to survive the collapse then stay tuned.  I  am going to be posting all the info I have on self sufficiency, growing your own food, self defense, wilderness survival, diy technologies and home power.


Stay tuned!